Diary Of a Fusspot 19


I said a quick prayer as the door opened and we were face to face with Mrs. Madu who peered at us through thick spectacles.

She recognized the lawyer and said: “So you people have come to ask me more questions abi?” she said as she ushered us inside. She didn’t know who it was but assumed that I was working with the solicitor.

She led us into a large living room framed with family portraits. The furniture was not pretentious but looked comfortable enough.

“I have been waiting for you people to come sef.” She says by way of introduction. “But I lost you number.”

Mr. Edison raised his eyebrows and I wondered if God had already finished the work before we got here. “How come?” he asked.

“I think you need to find my husband. He sent me divorce papers last week.”

Mr. Edison was at a loss but I quickly caught on.

“You think he has the money?” I asked.

“He must have stolen the money. Why else would he be sending me divorce papers in the post? That ungrateful man. After all I have done for him,”’ she said disgruntled.

I gave a wide smile. “Do you have an idea where he is Mrs. Madu?”

“Can we see the papers?” Edison chipped in.

She suddenly peered at me. “Wait, you look familiar. Have I met you before?”

I felt it was safe to introduce myself now. “I’m Mrs. Amadi. My husband was working with yours.”

Her face lost some of its hardness and I could see some trace of compassion in it.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Amadi. I really can’t imagine what you must be going through. I’m sorry for even suggesting that your husband was capable of kidnapping mine. ”

“It’s alright Mrs. Madu. I am grateful you’re giving us this information. Perhaps we can trace your husband with this divorce papers.”

“I am just sorry I ever married him in the first place. And my family warned me…” she said and she seemed lost in thought for a moment. “Let me go and get the papers.”

When she left us, I gave the lawyer a look.

“So you see, I wasn’t so crazy in suggesting we come here after all.”

“It’s a miracle,” Edison said. “She nearly chased me away last time I came here.”

She came with the divorce papers. They were postmarked Oregon.

“Well, anyway  the good thing is we know he wasn’t kidnapped,” Edison said. “But now, we have to come up with a plan to bring him home and make him face justice.”

When I got home that evening, I was dancing on air.

“See, I told you we would come out of this thing,” I said giving Ike’s ear a gentle tug.

But he said; “Ow!”  Apparently, I wasn’t so gentle.

I gave him a summary and he was shocked.

“Does it mean that this nightmare is about to be over?” he said joyously.

“Well,  definitely God is working something out,” I said confidently.

He held me and hugged me close and we both thanked God together.

That night we slept in each other’s arms feeling better than we had in weeks.

But there was still the final battle to come.



Diary Of a Fusspot 18


Christy ushered us into her living room where Titi sat waiting for us.

“I went to the estate shopping mall to get some things,” she said without preamble “when someone jerked my arm and spun me around. I looked and saw that it was my husband. I wanted to scream but he told me that he had brought our son to see me. My heart was in my mouth. I didn’t know if he was lying or not. Then he asked me to follow him out of the shopping mall to his car. He held my hand in a vice like grip.”

She paused for a second to wipe her eyes and continued’. “When we got to the car, there was nobody in it but he shoved me in and drove off immediately.”

“I started screaming and trying to open the door but no one heard me. Then he told me to stop and listen to him that he had only one message for me. He discovered that I had moved out of the house and he was giving me one week to move back into our house or else he would find me and kill me and make sure I never saw our son again. He said I had no right to leave him like that.”

“I was so scared. All I could do was nod. He said that I shouldn’t think about leaving him or asking for a separation because we took a vow and according to that vow only death can separate us. He then dropped me off at the bus stop. I shakily got out and called our family friend to ask if my son was still with her. She confirmed he was still with her and also said my husband had not called her. I hope he doesn’t know where our boy is.”

Ike was visibly deeply moved as she told her story. All the awkwardness of the past was forgotten even though this was their first meeting since that time. Here was a woman whp needed our help and protection. I felt bewildered and like we were out of our depth which in fact we were.

Ike spoke first.

“I’m so sorry Titi for all that you have been going through. We will do all that is in our power to protect you. We need to make an official police report as well. Perhaps you should also not go anywhere unaccompanied…”

As he was talking I was reminded of something I had been learning over the past week. Of course we were out of our depth but then we had a God who could handle anything and our God had given us authority. Enough was enough!

“My dear, your husband cannot kill you. If he sees you and tries to do anything to you, rebuke him  in Jesus name,” I said suddenly. Everyone turned around to look at me, shocked.  I could see they couldn’t really understand what I was saying.

Titi smiled tremulously and said : “Ok.”

“Guys, don’t forget who our real enemy is here. It’s not your husband. It’s time to go on the offensive and wage war against the oppressor. The weapons if our warfare are mighty through God to thr pulling down of strongholds.” I said trying to make them understand

Everybody seemed to listen politely but Christy shifted in her seat uncomfortably. I guess they thought I was talking strangely.  Although they were all Christians, they couldn’t see how what I was saying could be applied to Titi’s situation. They both offered more practical sounding advice to her. She was to block her husband’s number.  Ike would follow her to the station so she could make an official report. She was not to stay in the house alone for any reason/ I listened to all they were saying and  then I told Titi that I would come by to see her later.

When we got to our house, Ike turned to me and asked me what I had meant by all I had said in Christy’s house.

By way of answer, I told him we needed to pray first.

The following day as I sat beside the lawyer in a taxi I thought about the events of the previous day. In less than a week I had shifted from being a worried victim of circumstances to bold warrior. I had decided I had ha d enough of cowering and simpering.  In the process, I had learned what it truly meant to have a God who reigned in the affairs of men. I was glad that when I talked to her Titi had listened to me and understood. I told her I was not advocating fanaticism or any strange ritual or a charm of any sort. I was just advocating a strong belief in the efficacy of prayer.

“We will do all we can to protect you but there is a limit to what we can do.  It is God who is mighty to save. Call upon him and He will deliver you and show you what to do,” I had said to her. Somehow, the messages I had heard in church were starting to make real life meaning. It was even more gratifying now that Ike had also received a fresh infusion of faith and was less despondent than before.

He told me this morning that he had got up to read his Bible and that he was led to read the scripture that said the Lord would fight for him and he would hold his peace(Ex 14). I was glad of that because I needed God to be on my side as we approached his former associate’s house. I knew that this idea to see them had come from Him. But I really had no plan of what I would say when I go there. What if they threw me out? What if at the end of everything Ike was still convicted despite our strong faith? What would that mean?

I was suddenly filled with doubt but then I was reminded about people in the Bible who I had read about who were not given any guarantees. Esther who chose to step forward in faith and said: “If I perish, I perish.” The three Hebrew children who were ready to die in the fire. It occurred to me that even if things did not go the way I prayed it would, if the worst happened, God was still God. It would still be infinitely better to face this calm and unafraid than scared and helpless.

The car lurched to a stop interrupting my reverie. We got out in front of the gate of a modest looking bungalow and rang the bell. I still didn’t know what I was going to say as we waited for the door to open…



Diary Of A Fusspot 17


I shushed Anna but she wouldn’t stop fussing all the way to the solicitor’s office. I knew we made an incongruous pair, me in my suit(I decided to wear a suit so the lawyer would know I meant business) and a squalling baby on my arm. I wondered if I had made the right decision by bringing her along. But we were a family and I wanted us to have a united front. So all of us were going for this meeting no matter how loudly Anna complained.

I was five minutes late when I got into the conference office.

“Thank you for joining us, Mrs. Amadi.” The lawyer said courteously as I sat in my seat and rocked my baby back and forth.

“Like I was telling Mr. Amadi the situation we’re in is a rather precarious one. We’ve searched but cannot find the associate and all the evidence points to Mr. Amadi being the main suspect. We need to prepare for the worst case scenario. Mr. Amadi may…”

“Who did the search?” I interrupted him.

“I don’t understand you madam.”

“Who conducted the search for my husband’s associate?” I asked him.

“The police did. They think he may have been kidnapped because there’s no trace of him. Unfortunately there is talk of charging your husband with the kidnapping but that hopefully won’t happen.”

“The police did,” I repeated sarcastically. “You know as well as I do that their search may not turn up anything. Have you personally contacted the associate’s family?”

The lawyer sat down confused. “Yes I have. But they don’t know where he is either.”

Ike looked at me trying to figure out what was going through my mind.

“I think we need to see the family again.” I stated.

“Ok. Mrs. Amadi but we’re running out of time on a wild goose chase. I think we should spend all the time we need preparing for your husband’s trial. You would be asked to testify and I think we need to discuss what kind of image we want you to project in court.”

“With all due respect Mr. Edison, I think I need to get to the associate’s family myself. I would appreciate if you can give me their contact information.”

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea, Mrs. Amadi.”

“Is it illegal for me to contact them?”

“No, not at this stage. But when the trial begins…”

“Hopefully there won’t be a trial.”

The lawyer looked at Ike as if to say ‘get-your-wife’ and I could feel Ike’s eyes boring into my back.

I took hold of his hand.

“I know what I’m doing honey,” I whispered.

As if in agreement, Anna stopped fussing and cooed.

“Ok Madam,” Mr. Edison said after a pause. “I would write down their contact details. As a precautionary measure, I think it best I go with you so that you do not say or do anything that can be used against you later.”

I thought for a moment and then said suddenly: “Mr. Edison do you believe my husband is innocent?”

He smiled. “Yes I do.”

“Then you can go with me.”


As we got into the car, Ike turned to look at me.

“Odozi aku(my sweet wife), you were wonderful today,” he said kissing my hand. “In fact, I should hire you as my lawyer.”

“Dim oma(my sweet husband), Ogadima(everything was going to be alright.”

It was the mantra I had been singing to myself for days now and one I truly believed. The Lord had not forsaken us. I watched Anna as she fell asleep in my lap, feeling rather sleepy myself.

I must have dozed off because my sudden movement made my phone fall off my lap when it rang.

“Hello Chinelo,” came Titi’s distressed voice.

“Yeah Titi, what is it?”

“I’m sorry to bother you. It’s my husband. I saw him today and he tried to kill me! I don’t know what to do!”

“What? Ok hold on. I’ll be home soon and we can talk about it.”

Ike looked at me with some concern.

“Is everything all right dear?”

I shook my head. “It’s Titi’s husband. She said he tried to kill her today.”

Ike’s eyes widened but he said nothing and his hands gripped the steering wheel tighter

I shook my head again and wondered when I was going to get a break. I was just a housewife but now I was suddenly so busy running up and down…

“We will go straight to Christy’s house,” Ike said decisively.

I leaned back in my seat and tried to doze off again.